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Specialist equipment and techniques

Pipe pusher

A pipe pusher is a pipeline pressure device with endless conveyor belts that can be used during a Horizontal Directional Drilling process. A pipe pusher is used instead of a pipe thruster that has to be repeatedly regripped.


BioGrout ensures that a cementation process is achieved in the gravel layer. By using BioGrout, we are able to create a stable borehole in loose gravel for HDD drillings with a large diameter (60-70) inches.

By injecting a bacteria-containing liquid, lime crystals arise which cement the sand and gravel grains together. This cementation is a natural process that normally takes hundreds of years.

By injecting the appropriate bacteria, this process can be accelerated so it only takes a couple of days to complete the cementation process. The bacteria can be injected under low pressure in order to achieve a long distance of injected gravel.