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Outfalls and landfalls with HDD

From Landfalls to Outfalls and Shore Approaches we have it covered.

Outfalls and landfalls with HDD

Outfalls and landfalls require a great deal of professional expertise. A lot of temporary equipment is often required. We have gained plenty of international experience in working with landfalls for undersea pipelines and casing pipes for gases, fluids and signal cables, as well as outfalls for cooling and wastewater and the construction of drilled offshore constructions. These have included oil discharge facilities in ports.  

The most suitable drilling methods and project approach will be selected, based on soil conditions, above and below-ground infrastructure and technical specifications.. We have specialised floating equipment such as pontoon winches at our disposal. If necessary, drilling equipment can be modified to the type of rock and to suit other (technical) project features.

Shoreline and coastal drilling

Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of geology, soil mechanics, engineering and implementation, we are able to select the correct drilling method and apply this successfully in any surface, be it marshland, rock or gravel.