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Feasibility studies, surveys and detailed HDD designs

Our philosophy is that ‘there's no such thing as can't'. As such, our dedicated and experienced in-house engineering department is vital to us. Our engineers can design every possible solution for your trenchless project, in any circumstances.

Our engineers are also capable of taking Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)  to the next level as you can see at Pipe Pusher and BioGrout.  

Trenchless techniques

Depending on the technique chosen, the diameter of the tube or pipe can range from 40-3,000mm. The lengths range from 10mm to over 2,000m. We have all the different drilling techniques available in-house to make any drilling project possible.

We can work with any type of material, be it steel, concrete, fibreglass, HPE (hard polyethylene) or cast iron.

Naturally, any type of internal or external coating is possible. The choice of material differs according to the technique. For example, HDD is particularly suited for HPE, steel, cast iron, fibreglass and for laying drains and cables.

Trenchless knowledge

Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of geology, soil mechanics, type of materials, engineering and implementation, we are able to select the correct drilling method and to apply this successfully in any surface, be it marshland, rock or gravel.

Furthermore, the rigs we have available for HDD range from a 4-tonne rig to a 450-tonne rig and everything in between.

We also have our own rock reamers, fly cutters, barrel reamers, pipe rollers, pipe pushers, pipe thrusters, swivels, winches and other necessary equipment.
For shield drilling, we have various shield drills in a full range of diameters. The distance can also be extended significantly by installing intermediate stations.