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Excavation and civils

VolkerInfra provide a full in-house service for the design and delivery of all civils and excavation activities associated with the installation of Extra High Voltage cabling systems. By offering bespoke designs for each installation we ensure that the design and installation meets the client’s specific requirements and ensures the performance and lifetime expectance of the cable system is not compromised.

These works are delivered on-site safely and efficiently by a team of specialist highly experienced staff using clear site specific drawings and information, supported by a robust quality management system and the office in-house design team.

Examples of works we have previously delivered:

  • Cable management ducts and troughs with specific thermal and mechanical loading requirements.
  • Cable Sealing end structures and their associated concrete bases designed to withstand the anticipated mechanical forces.
  • Deep trenching and Horizontal Directional Drilling works required to avoid underground obstacles.
  • Specialised mid circuit joint bays and transition joint bays to meet the specific cable system design requirements, surrounding geotechnical environment, local hydrology and cable jointers requirements.