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Fyrish Substation - cable installation

VolkerInfra design, supply, install and pre-commission test new buried cable circuits to connect the substation to the Scottish and Southern Energy transmission.

Siemens appointed VolkerInfra to design, supply, install and pre-commission testing of 2 new buried 132kV cable circuits to connect the new substation at Fyrish into the existing Scottish and Southern Energy transmission infrastructure in the north of

These works are part of a multimillion pound upgrade of the transmission network in the north of Scotland required as a direct consequence of the UK’s need to connect a multiple of existing and future wind, wave, hydro and tidal renewable energy projects into the National Grid Transmission network. Subsequently the UKs demand for electricity can be partially met by Scottish renewable energy sources and also opening the door to the European electricity supply market through existing and future export/import connections located in the south of England.

Both of the circuits comprised of three single-core Prysmian 800sqmm aluminium cables; two 132kV circuits named Beauly - Shin 1 and Beauly - Shin 2. The routes for Beauly – Shin 1 (250m long) and Beauly – Shin 2 (285m long) were installed in unfilled 160mm OD ducts in trefoil formation at nominal depth of 900mm. Following standard procedure, VolkerInfra installed these ducts and the required Cement Bound Sand to the correct compaction and desired blend, which was crucial in ensuring heat from the cables was dissipated efficiently, without affecting the performance or lifespan of the cables. The cables which formed the circuits were terminated at both ends with Prysmian EL1431S Composite Outdoor Sealing End Joints.

The terminations on both sides of each circuit were installed on cable sealing end, low level steel structures located in Tower Compounds by VolkerInfra’s EHV jointing team. Testing of the circuits was carried out to SSE and NG standards, demonstrating the high standard of workmanship.

The client was impressed with the delivery of the project which has led to a significant number of other contract enquiries, contract awards and potential awards in the immediate future. VolkerInfra are reputable as the ‘can do’ and ‘preferred supplier’ to Siemens for this type of work in Scotland, where competitors in this busy market have previously failed.

Facts and figures

  • Type of work:
    To design, supply and install
  • Client:
    Siemens (Scottish and Southern energy)
  • Duration:
    4 months
  • Project categories
    High voltage cable installation