About us


VolkerInfra is a specialist cable and pipeline installation contractor operating both onshore, near shore and in the transition area between the two.

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Our approach and vision

The world around us is constantly changing and natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce. This also applies to water and energy, as demand only continues to increase. Sustainable...

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Supply chain

Our supply chain is an integral part of VolkerWessels UK commitment to offering clients a quality service. We establish mutually rewarding, ongoing relationships with our suppliers and...

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Our location

VolkerInfra operates from its offices based in Preston, Lancashire. We are also able to utilise the wider network of VolkerWessels UK offices and sites available. Click here to see all...

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Public Liability Portal Compensator: QBE Insurance Group Ltd (ID C00119).
VolkerInfra Ltd. Registration no: 272267. Registered Office: Hertford Road, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire EN11 9BX. Registered in England.